Get To Know Me


Hey Fashionistas!

I realized I have been giving my two cents on everything, but I have not really talked about who I am. The thing I love most about my favorite bloggers (besides their content) is that I can relate to them. It could be the smallest thing, but it really connects me to their blog and it makes me want to come back and read every week. I am going to answer some common "Get To Know Me" questions so maybe, just maybe you can feel what I feel. Thank you again for reading every week. I am so beyond grateful and blessed by you all. I am even thinking of doing a giveaway to show my appreciation to you. (If I were you, I’d enter since I just started my blog, and there’s a better chance of winning…just saying) That’s coming up in the near future. Stay tuned. Here we go:

  1. What is your middle name?: Cruz. I have always loved my middle name! Its after my grandma on my dad’s side.
  2. All my COM girls! Love you babes.
  3. What was your favorite subject at school?: Does lunch count? Just kidding. I loved English in high school because of all the reading and I felt challenged. Also, yearbook was my favorite. (Does that count?) Shout out to Mrs. Atherton! She was so sweet and supportive of our creative ideas. I went to yearbook camp with her and other staff members in Palm Springs. After that camp, I was so inspired by her work ethic! (and became slightly more nerdy) College is a hard one. Of course COM classes were my favorite, but other than that I loved British Literature. We read so many books and I shared so many thoughts my brain was fried at the end of that quarter. It definitely challenged me.
  4. What is your favorite drink?: Horchata! Yum!
  5. What is your favorite song at the moment?: That’s a tough one. Probably Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. She has the voice of an angel! I listen to it when I’m in LA traffic or when I’m cleaning. She had such a special voice. Also, all the songs on Tori Kelly’s new CD. [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]
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  7. What is your favorite food?: Snack bar food! If you know me, you know I love nachos and pickles. This is not snack bar food, but I love corn! Especially the corn at the fair with all the toppings or from the Elote man. ;) Oh! Cesar salad too. Nothing fancy basically.
  8. What is the last thing you bought?: Nail Polish, duh! I only buy quick drying, gel polish because I am so impatient when it comes to nail polish.
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  10. Favorite book of all time?: Ugh. Hard question. Maybe Thumbelina from Hans Christian Anderson. I love fairytales, especially the original versions. Thumbelina is tiny, but she she makes a big impact. (Vague description because I think if I tried describing it I would give too much away) What little girl wouldn’t be inspired by that? Yet, in the movie instead of choosing her own path, she has to follow everyone’s orders and ends up falling in love and live happily ever after. Which is not a bad thing, exactly, but I like the version where she has her own thoughts and ideas. I could go on...believe me, I wrote a paper on this.
  11. Favorite Color?: Yellow! The color of sunshine and sun flowers.
  12. Do you have any pets?: Yes, Belle! My princess, baby girl, wittle girl…lets just say she knows all her names and lets me spoil her. Can we talk about how loyal dogs are? She came into my life my second year of college and has been there for me ever since. My parents say she’s me in dog version. Belle is feisty, cuddly, sweet but in control. Our lab isn’t a match for her. Oh! We love naps too.
  1. Favorite Perfume?: I don’t wear perfume. I wear body spray from bath and body works. I stopped wearing perfume after watching a Dr. Oz show about how body spray is better. So random and funny how influenced I was from that one episode.
  2. Favorite Holiday?: Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love the whole spirit of Christmas! God, the giving, and quality time with family. Also, the food is sooo good.
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  4. Are you married?: No, but I have a boyfriend. Andre! What I love most about Andre (besides his foot rubs) is that he is my biggest fan! He encourages me everyday to keep going, and inspires me. We’re a great team. Equal. Love you babe. Oh and look at that smile! So cute! Okay, stop looking! hahaha 
  5. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Once, to Mexico on a mission trip. So long ago! I need to explore more and there are plans to.
  6. Do you speak any other language?: Unfortunately no. I can pick up on basic retail related words in Spanish but that’s all.
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  8. How many siblings do you have?: I have an older sister who has become my best friend. We are four and half years apart so she was always like a second mom. We became closer over the years and now there’s no breaking us! Sorry for the tag team jokes mom!
  9. What is your favorite shop?: Red E Surf! I love shops that are inexpensive, but have a laid back, California girl style.
  10. Favorite restaurant?: Tough one. I am really into Korean BBQ right now. So any of those restaurants. My original favorite is probably Lucilles. Those mashed potatoes! I love me some good BBQ!
  11. When was the last time you cried?: I just watched 42 for the millionth time and I cry like a baby each time. That was an important time in our history. I get so worked up during the movie and inspired by the end. Great acting. Great story. Love it!
  12. Favorite Blog?: There are so many. Here are a few in no particular order: Pepper Pout, Zoella, Life With ME, Simply SonaSincerely JulesHello Gorgeous!, Cara Loren (There was NO way I could just name top 5)
  13. Favorite Movie?: There are way too many movies to list…and I’ve spent a good five minutes thinking which are my top favorites. Maybe Bridesmaids?
  14. Favorite TV shows?: You guys are going to laugh at me, but my shows don’t fit on my TiVo. I had to make a chart! I was partially excited to make it too. I know, so weird. I’ll just name some: Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, One Tree Hill, Agents of Shield, Once Upon A Time, and Quantico. I am so pumped for Super Girl! I loved Melissa in Glee, but I am so happy that there is finally a super hero show with a girl/woman as the main character. I would have been so excited to have this show when I was younger.
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  16. PC or Mac?: Mac! I was team PC until college.
  17. What phone do you have?: iPhone 6
  18. How tall are you?: 5’5”
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  20. Can you cook?: Yes, but I am no expert! Baking on the other hand…

This was harder than I thought! I hope you were able to get to know me better. Thanks if you read this far down too haha

See you next week fashionistas!