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Hey Fashionistas! I wanted to give you a review of all four subscriptions I am currently subscribed to. Its a little bit of music and a little bit of beauty. All of these reviews are solely my opinion.


Now there have been countless reviews about Ipsy and other makeup subscriptions like it, but I feel like I need to put my two cents in. Ipsy is $10 a month for sample sized makeup and beauty products. Founded by YouTuber Michelle Phan, Ipsy has quickly become a favorite of mine. You can see my monthly reviews on my Ipsy profile.

Pros: I am quite the shy person when it comes to looking at makeup in public. I feel like the makeup artists are so intimidating and sometimes are secretly judging me. I know it is not the case most times, but with Ipsy they give me a chance to try on makeup I normally would not go to or would be too shy to try on in stores. If I fall in love with the product I will go out and buy them. It is $10 a month which is really great! It comes in the cutest pink package and every month has a different bag. I have given those little bags away to my little cousins or I use them for things like my cleanser brush and the different brushes that comes with it. They are great to use when I am traveling, because it separates my stuff. I have found some of my favorite products through Ipsy, and I never feel guilty for receiving makeup/beauty products each month. The more you review your products each month the better the products are, because they take your ratings and comments and customize your subscription.

Cons: Once in a while, I will get a brow gel that is way too dark for my eyebrows or something that does not match. It has not happened enough for me to be mad though. I actually used the brow gel for other things like eyeliner. Sometimes I wish I received what the other subscribers were given. I sound spoiled, but its what happens. I wish there was one thing that is full size. That would be nice. I really wish there were profiles! I would like to see what other Ipsters are doing with their products without navigating away from the site. (Update: It actually says coming soon...)

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6_Fotor
Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6_Fotor

Spotify has been so good to me the moment I learned how to use it. It is the most social music subscription out there. (In my opinion) Although I probably shared only a couple of playlists since I joined years ago. Anyway, it is also a $10 a month subscription. Click the link to see what I am listening to!

Pros: I love how social it is! I love that I can share a playlist to a friend. I love how I can make as many playlists as I want and actually customize them. It is so great! There has never been a time where I could not find a specific song I was looking for. Spotify helped me when I was studying in college too. I would always listen to the "Deep Focus" playlist. This is a really inexpensive subscription, and when you first sign up for premium you get a free 30 day trial which is awesome! I always accidentally find songs I love and it ends up being the best thing ever! I end up saving it or I buy the song/album on iTunes.

Cons: I honestly have not read too much into the controversy with Taylor Swift and the other artists, but can you fix it please Spotify. It is mildly annoying having to listen to Taylor Swift on a separate playlist. (Yes I bought her music and many of my favorite artists' music) I wish there were more deals other than the student discount. I honestly could not afford another subscription when I was in college. Six dollars or however much the price was went to food, books, tuition, a parking pass or something that was more important. Luckily the commercials were never too long.


I am SO SO SO picky with shoes! I have to try them on (because I'm either a 5.5 or 6), do a walking test (for heels) and see the material in person. I was so scared to try Just Fab because it is online and I cannot try them on. This subscription is $39.99 a month and has free shipping.

Pros: Their product descriptions are so detailed I feel like I did my shoe shopping routine. You can skip a month if you don't feel like you found something you love or you just cannot buy shoes that month. The customer service is AMAZING! Whoever hires/trains the customer service representatives needs to give seminars to other companies because I have called so frustrated (on my mistakes not theirs) and the lady was so calm and polite. I have had some dumb questions and they never give me attitude. It is almost like they give them double shot expressos and told them it's Christmas everyday. haha I am not exaggerating! It is easy to exchange if the shoe doesn't fit, but within 30 days. You take a quiz so they show you shoes for your specific style. Every pair is $39 so you don't have to look at prices. There are three levels of subscriptions (like Sephora) the more you buy the higher you get. You can redeem your points to receive some great goodies! If you spend $25 or more you get a free magazine subscription. You don't have to but it is actually some pretty legit magazines. There are other products like clothes and bags so you can style your whole outfit with their other brands. There are random promotions that gives you really great deals. A lot of their shoes are dupes of designer shoes, like the pair pictured above. Those are actually the shoes from this month. You'll see them featured soon.

Cons: Sometimes I forget to skip, and I get charged $39. Luckily, I can just have a shopping spree but it sucks when I forget. To unsubscribe you have to call a number and the customer service representative (politely) tries to convince you not to. That's a con because I would hate to go through that. I would just like to do a single click.


Everyone should know what Netflix is by now. I just had to include this because some people (like my parents) don't know too much about it or how it really works.

Pros: Its eight bucks a month. That should be enough to convince you. With the eight dollars plan you get to watch on two screens at a time and in HD. There is a better plan for 12 dollars a month and you get to watch it on four screens with HD and Ultra HD. I don't need four screens let alone two so the eight dollar plan is perfect for me. You can add different profiles on your account so no one messes up your instant queue or continue watching section. I have a profile for my baby nephew because it is kid friendly. You can find mostly all the classics on Netflix. Hello Audrey Hepburn! There are now original series and movies from Netflix and it is awesome because you can watch a whole season at a time if you want to. It is easy to watch on any device. They recommend things for you to watch and I have definitely used that option. I have found some of the shows I grew up watching (i.e. Gilmore Girls) and it is so fun to watch them again! It was difficult to find an episode back then (Insert snarky comment on how I shouldn't say 'back then') when there was no TiVo. It was actually almost impossible. Now I get to see the episodes I missed and be really sad (again) that the series is over. EXCEPT, Gilmore Girls has been picked up for four 90-minute episodes/mini-movies. YAY! If you are like me, and have to discuss everything you watch, you should listen to the Gilmore Guys podcast. They talk about every single episode and are hilarious! I listen on my way to work sometimes.  Sorry for the ramble.


They raised the prices, which I guessed since Netflix is getting bigger and bigger. I cannot expect these amazing shows and not expect a price change. It is still under 10 bucks though so it is not a big deal. I hate when they take away my favorite shows and add "new" content. Why can't the library just get bigger? There is probably a good explanation, but I have to put a con here. There is seriously no (good) cons about Netflix. Oh! Maybe a con could be that I watched way too much Netflix in college that it really made my procrastination worse. I would show up to class exhausted and then decide to go on a Netflix cleanse.

That's my reviews! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about my subscriptions. Also, if you have any suggestions for another subscription let me know in the comment section below. See you next week fashionistas!



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