Book Review: Your Beautiful Heart

Hey Fashionistas!

Yes, a double post day! I apologize for the lag on this post. I was debating whether or not I should post about this book because I have mixed feelings. Here's why:

I love Lauren Scruggs, her story, how inspirational she is, and how I feel like I need to be her friend...but I was confused as to why this book was not a devotional? It was clear to me that I was going to read her thoughts on different topics like healing, forgiveness, and hope, but at times I felt like I was overwhelmed with lessons and advice. Don't get me wrong I loved every word and would probably gift a copy to friend in need of her and God's wisdom. I just think for people like me who read books in one or two sittings that it should have been something like a devotional where the content is broken up for you to read daily.


With that, let me tell you my favorite parts. None of this counts as a spoiler since it is not a novel with a plot or anything that would give away the whole purpose of the book.

  • The graphics are something I would put in my own book if I had the chance. Honestly, I am probably going to tear out some of the pages and frame them around my room. They are that good (and inspiring).
  • It is so organized down to subcategories. There are chapters and then there are subcategories of each chapter. For example, she talks about your seeking heart. Not sure what that means? There are five subcategories to explain. It is all really consistent.
  •  The whole book is easy to read. I felt like it was more about connecting to her inspiration than about googling what a word meant. At times I was so connected I found myself tearing up from guilt, which is not a bad thing. The whole point is to search your heart and live as better person. I honestly was so overwhelmed with a longing to be a better Christian.
  • Scruggs shares a personal story, how it applies to God's plan and discussion starters to share with your friends. This happens in each chapter.

Lastly, I want to share what really touched my heart. I loved the topic of "A Heart That Says Thanks" I found it appropriate since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but also the story this chapter talks about.

When I was reading this chapter, I was having that morning of feeling sorry for myself. Like, why God had chosen this path I am in. I had been feeling down like that all the way to work when I walked in and was hit with a vibe of hurt. I looked around to see some of my coworkers with sad faces. One of my coworkers had just come back from Paris. Yes, Paris. I was immediately filled with anger that I spent the morning feeling bad about something that is incomparable to what my coworker had been through. (and then hit that the first thing I thought of was myself. Believe me, it is something I am working on) As I stood listening to _ stories, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude that _ is still alive. After crying and hugging I immediately felt a weight lifted and God saying it's okay because we all go through our own battles but what counts is to always, ALWAYS count our blessings. I was in a trans the rest of the day because instead of looking at what I don't have, or what I am not doing I started looking at what I do have and what God has provided for me already. After coming home to finish the chapter, Scruggs brought to my attention Mark 2, the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man...except as she points out it is not exactly about that. Jesus healed the paralyzed man second. He first forgave his sins. Let her explain:

Even something miraculous like giving a paralyzed man instant stability on his feet doesn't hold a candle to God's gift of salvation and eternal grace. Unlike other gifts, God's for-give-ness is everlasting. It never fades. And because forgiveness never fades, the gratitude that stems from forgiveness can be constant too. Yes, constant. We can be grateful at any moment, because God gives the best gift, which doesn't ever go away. 

If you are thinking "whoa" right now, imagine reading the rest of the book! haha Anyway, since this book is not a devotional, I suggest reading it like one. I think it would give you more to think about and maybe help you more though out each day.

Thank you Lauren Scruggs and Lisa Velthouse for writing this book. Thank you Lauren for putting yourself and your life out there for us to read and learn from. Your strength is inspiring and I hope you keep following your dreams and stay as sweet as you are, or seem to be.

I definitely recommend this book and recommend reading it as I wrote above.

What book should I read next? If you read this book, which story or chapter touched your heart the most? Let me know in the comment section below!