Mother's Day Gift Guide + Letter To My Mom

Hey Fashionistas!

Mother's Day is always so much fun because it is also my mom's birthday month. Yesterday was actually her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! With that, I wanted to share a gift guide with you. If you are a last minute Sally (like me), here is a gift guide for Mother's Day. This guide is tailored to my mother (mostly), if you are wondering why I chose these specific items. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide.jpg
Mother's Day Gift Guide.jpg

1. Rifle Paper Co. Clear Floral LaceiPhone Case // 2. Mambi Sheets 12" x 12" Gold Rush Cardstock Paper Pack // 3. Pottery Barn Penelope Jewelry Boxes with Monogram // 4. Michael Kors Del Ray Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch // 5. Revlon "Cherries in the Snow" Lipstick // 6. Alex and Ani "I Love You Mom" Bangle // 7. Paper Source Mother's Day Card // 8. Magnolia Spring Candle Collection //

Top 13 Reasons I love My Momma Bear: 1. You taught me how to be strong and stick up for myself. From bullies to the biggest bully of all, myself.

2. You tried to teach me not to be afraid of spiders or any creepy crawlers. Although your methods did not work. Throwing snails at me actually made me more terrified!! haha A for effort!

3. You are always involved! You taught me how to be a leader. From Girl Scout leader to being in the PTA to Booster President I couldn't have asked for a better role model.

4. Thank you for the endless parties! I am not sure why you are not an event planner, but I'm glad I get to keep your talents to myself. You are the MOST creative person I know!

5. You give everything 110 percent, and don't complain. You could plan a cheer banquet in your sleep. You can turn an ugly dresser into a masterpiece. Ladies luncheon for church? No problem!

6. I can tell when you are excited about something because you'll tell me that story a minimum of three times. I don't mind because your face lights up the exact same way as the first time you told me.

7. I love when I am in my room and I can hear you in the living room saying something like, "OOOOO! NICE EXTENSION!" to the dancers on Dancing with the Stars. I'm pretty sure you've never taken a dance lesson in your life, but you know what an extension is. Mmkay, I see you.

8. It bugs me how you can be doing three different things while I am trying to tell you a story...but it also amazes me how you ARE doing three different things while I am telling you a story. You are an incredible multi-tasker. I could never do what you do!

9. You are so loving! My favorite thing to see if when you are with grandma. You turn into this big ball of mush and I love it! I love that you are always thinking of everyone. You are everyone's go to person, and I know you are weighed down sometimes, but you never stop. It's humbling.

10. Although you are the toughest woman I know, you are also the most sensitive! You can be giving me a lecture and the next moment crying with me during that darn gum commercial (where the guy draws out their dates, and then proposes) haha! You even give me chills when I am getting lectured through text! Don't get me started on your death stare. You terrify me sometimes, but you also give the best back rubs (with lotion). Although, I am still holding a grudge on those times you would trick me. Mom: Okay. You rub me first and then I'll rub you after. Me: Okay. *Ten minutes later* Mom? Are you awake? NOT COOL LAURA!

11. I love that you had this whole other life before Brittni and I. I love when your friend's comment about going out with you in high school. You were the ultimate 80s QUEEN. Red lips, big hair, convertible, only dating guys that ride a motorcycle. SLAY girl! hahaha It always surprises me how wild and too cool you were because now you get embarrassed easily. (You are probably dying reading this).

12. Thank you for taking my blog photos! I know I get frustrated sometimes, but you have progressed so much from the first blog post! Thank you for all of your ideas, even your crazy ones. You are a great mom-ager. You have always been my number fan.

13. Most importantly, thank you for bringing me up in a Godly home. Sometimes I forget and take for granted that not everyone has a close-knit family like ours. I am so grateful for you and all I want to do is make you proud...and sometimes pull pranks on you. hehe

Thank you for loving me. Happy Birthday and Mother's Day Momma. I love you. We all do.

Love, Your Sunshine