The Winner Is...

Hey Fashionistas!

Okay I'll cut to the chase. I contacted the winner for my very first giveaway. She emailed me back right away, so the winner is Juaneeq E!!! Yay! Congrats Juaneeq on winning a box of my favorite things! Please post a photo when you get your box. Juaneeq has been so supportive of my blog and of me since I met her in high school. She is now an aspiring journalist. Believe me, you'll see her on your morning news one day. I knew she was special the moment I met her.

If any of my fellow bloggers want to host a giveaway, Gleam is the way to go. It was beyond easy and inexpensive. Thank you to everyone who entered too, all 623 entries. I couldn't believe my eyes when it hit 30! You'll see my reaction in my November Vlog. (Be prepared to laugh, cry and dance in that video btw)

Thank you all again! I will definitely be hosting another giveaway soon. I had so much fun doing this.

At the end of this month I will be posting a book review/discussion. I wanted to tell you all ahead of time  so maybe you can order it or buy it in time for the post. November 23, 2015 will be my first book review/discussion on Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs.

 Thankfully, this book comes with discussion questions already so it will be a great first post in this category. I already started to read it and I love it! It's about "love, faith, friendship and becoming a girl who shines". There are scriptures in it and stories from Lauren's life, specifically her accident. Her personality definitely shines through. If you don't know who Lauren is she is a fashion journalist currently writing for her online magazine called LOLO Magazine. She is also married to Jason Kennedy from E! News. I don't want to get into the book too much because then I'll have nothing to write about haha. If this helps, it's a 5/5 on Barnes & Noble and a 4/5 on Good Reads. If you want to follow me and be the first to know what I'm reading my username is Bgfashionista.

*I'll only discuss books on here that I'm passionate about. I don't want to waste your time by writing about a book I think is horrible.

I cannot wait to post about this book and discuss your thoughts on it! It is currently $12.87 at Barnes & Noble for a paperback and $10.49 on Nook. There is also an audio version for $40 if you want to tune in on your way to work!

Let me know in the comment section below if you have a suggestion for next month's book! If not I will just draw from my huge stack of books in my room. I'm so excited to start this portion of my blog!